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Økokrim in English

Sist oppdatert 22.05.2015

The Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (ØKOKRIM) is the central unit for investigation and prosecution of economic and environmental crime, and the main source of specialist skills for the police and the prosecuting authorities in their combat against crime of this kind. ØKOKRIM was established in 1989, and is both a police specialist agency and a public prosecutors’ office with national authority. The formal rules about ØKOKRIM can be found in chapter 35 of the Prosecution Instructions.

ØKOKRIM's vision

Norway is a good country to live in; a welfare state with considerable social and economic security. Economic and environmental crimes present a threat to these values. By combating them, ØKOKRIM helps to protect important values in the Norwegian society.

ØKOKRIM's tasks and objectives

  • to uncover, investigate, prosecute and bring to trial its own cases
  • to assist the national and international police and prosecuting authorities
  • to raise the level of expertise of the police and the prosecuting authorities and to engage in the provision of information
  • to engage in criminal intelligence work, dealing in particular with reports of suspicious transactions
  • to act as an advisory body to the central authorities
  • to participate in international cooperation

ØKOKRIM’s objective is to be the leading organisation in the combat against economic and environmental crime. ØKOKRIM will strive to create the best possible general deterrence by investigating and prosecuting criminal cases and by collecting and analysing financial intelligence.

One of ØKOKRIM’s key objectives is general deterrence. Through our work in specific criminal cases, we warn the general public that violation of the rules within our jurisdiction could result in punishment. The majority of ØKOKRIM’s resources are devoted to specific criminal cases. 

Most cases that fall under ØKOKRIM’s mandate are handled by the police districts. ØKOKRIM investigates and brings to trial the larger, more complex cases and/or cases of legal principle. Several of these cases extend beyond our national borders. The senior management at ØKOKRIM decides which cases will be investigated.


In 2010, ØKOKRIM had twelve teams, each team holding prime responsibility for a specific area. Most of the teams are tasked with investigating and prosecuting their own criminal cases, with the exception of the Assistance Team, which assist the police districts, and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), which receives and handles intelligence.

The teams are composed of special investigators, some of whom have law enforcement experience, while others have financial and environmental experience. Most of the teams are headed by a senior public prosecutor, and they also have a police prosecutor. 

ØKOKRIM has an executive group comprising, in addition to the Director and the Deputy Director, seven heads of departments. These heads represent the investigation teams handling economic and environmental crime, the FIU, the IT Department and the Administration Department.

For more information about ØKOKRIM, see the latest Annual Report here: ØKOKRIM's Annual Report 2014 (PDF).