Carew is suspected of having provided incorrect information in his tax returns in that he has failed to provide information about income and assets held abroad. He is also suspected of having provided incorrect information about his income and assets held in Norway.

If you stay more than 183 days per year in Norway, you are considered resident here. Everyone who resides in Norway must provide information about all their income and assets and pay the corresponding taxes, says the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Senior Public Prosecutor Marianne Bender.

We will now take the necessary time to investigate the matter to determine whether or not our suspicions can be confirmed’, says Bender.

Økokrim has conducted searches at several locations.

No arrests have been made in the matter.

Contact person at Økokrim:
Senior Public Prosecutor Marianne Bender, tel. +47 902 04 300
Head of Communication at Økokrim: Ellen Cecilie Eriksen, tel.: +47 474 88 858