Økokrim was established in 1989, and is both a police specialist agency and a public prosecutors’ office with national authority.

Økokrim is organised with multidisciplinary teams, each team holding prime responsibility for a specific area. Most of the teams are tasked with investigating and prosecuting their own criminal cases, with the exception of the Assistance Team, which assist the police districts, and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), which receives and handles intelligence.

The teams are composed of special investigators, some of whom have law enforcement experience, while others have financial and environmental experience. Most of the teams are headed by a senior public prosecutor, and they also have a police prosecutor.

  • Director of Økokrim: Senior public prosecutor Pål Lønseth
  • Deputy Director of Økokrim: Senior public prosecutor Inge Svae-Grotli

2017:  More support, more indictments