The report has been prepared by a British company specialised in such investigations on behalf of the IBU, Besseberg’s previous employer.

The criminal proceedings against Besseberg are part of a large complex of interlinked cases in Austria. Økokrim has previously, on request, assisted Austrian authorities in their investigation, inter alia by conducting searches and interviewing Besseberg. In spring 2020, Økokrim was asked by Austrian authorities to take over the investigation of Besseberg. Norwegian authorities have only taken over the part of the investigation which covers the charges of aggravated corruption against Besseberg relating to his time as president of the IBU. Økokrim has not taken over those parts of the matter which concern doping and fraud.

The report which has been forwarded to Økokrim will be included in the case documents and the continued investigation of Besseberg.

Any questions about the report must be directed to the IBU or Austrian authorities. Due to the ongoing investigation, Økokrim does not wish to share any further information about the investigation at the present time.

Contact persons at Økokrim

Senior Public Prosecutor Trude Stanghelle, +47 928 06 758
Head of Communication Ellen Cecilie Eriksen, +47 47 488 858