The man, who lives in Oslo, is charged with aggravated tax fraud by gross negligence for the years 2014–2016, and with aggravated tax fraud for the years 2017–2019.

"This is a serious matter, as it concerns evasion of large amounts of taxes committed over several years", says Senior Public Prosecutor Marianne Bender.

He has during this period provided incorrect and incomplete information to the tax authorities by failing to state in his tax returns that he in reality was tax resident in Norway.

"It is important that people who have lived abroad and want to move back to Norway also do so tax-wise. If you want to live in Norway, you also have to be tax resident here", says Bender.

During the period covered by the charges, he has failed to report taxable income amounting to NOK 12,828,462 and wealth of NOK 307,484,187. Unpaid taxes amount to NOK 5,422,206.

During this period, he has exceeded, by far, the maximum number of days for staying in Norway without being tax resident here.

The fraud went on for six years, making this a major investigation. The original charges have been modified in the indictment. Økokrim has reduced the charge for the first three years from aggravated tax fraud to grossly negligent aggravated tax fraud. Økokrim believes that he from the 2017 income year most probably was aware that he was providing incorrect information to the tax authorities when he stated that he was tax resident in the UK and not in Norway, and that he therefore acted with intent. The charges have also been expanded to include the 2019 income year.

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